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Online counselling or skype counseling offers you long distance counselling support wherever you are.

Online Counselling Services

With the extensive access to e-mail, more and more people choose to take advantage of the new opportunities to communicate online. Busy schedules make phone counselling a more and more attractive option. The following online and phone counselling services are available at your convenience:

I also offer face-to-face in-office counselling for those who live in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Is Online Counselling Right For You?

If you are in a severe emotional or medical crisis, thinking of killing or hurting yourself or someone else, or feeling completely out of control at this moment, STOP reading right now.

  • Call a free telephone crisis line in your area. In North America and other regions, you can usually find the number in the front section of your local phone directory. Or you can dial your phone company operator (in North America, operators can usually be reached at 0 or 4-1-1) and ask to be connected to your local crisis line.
  • Go to your nearest hospital emergency ward. If you are unable to get to the hospital yourself, dial your local police-fire-ambulance emergency number (usually 9-1-1 in North America).

If you are thinking about going into therapy, lonely, unhappy, mildly to moderately depressed or anxious, seeking personal growth, wanting help with life choices, relationships, family issues, addictions, or creativity, or in need of support and understanding, CONTINUE reading

Online therapy or Phone counseling may be a good choice for you if you meet some of the following criteria:

  • You enjoy and are comfortable talking on the phone. You like connecting with others on the phone
  • You are comfortable on the Internet–use email and chat regularly or want to increase your time online
  • You use the keyboard more or less as fast as you think or speak–spelling is less important (or you have voice activation software, so you can transmit without typing)
  • You like expressing yourself through the written word

E-mail therapy sessions offer you a permanent account of the written interaction both of what you described and the reply. This becomes similar to writing in your own journal. Writing about challenges and feelings in journals is a well-utilized therapeutic tool. You may also keep additional notes for your own recall and reflection.

The advantage of online therapy and phone counselling is time. With internet counselling you’re not tied to any specific time of day, you can take as much time as you desire to compose your email and revise ideas as they develop if you want. You are not on the clock. There is no rush. You have time to think carefully. With e-mail, you have the opportunity to compose the e-mail, save it and come back to it later to review before sending. You may find this process helpful for self-reflection.

Online therapy and phone therapy may also be a good choice if you fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • It is difficult for you to leave your home due to disability, care-giving responsibilities, or some other reason
  • You live in an isolated area where there are few or no licensed or certified helping professionals
  • You are too busy to spend time commuting to a therapist’s office
  • Your schedule varies from week to week so that you need scheduling flexibility in order to commit to therapy
  • You are deaf or hard-of-hearing and typing with your therapist is the most direct method for getting therapy
  • You are blind or have low vision and face-to-face contact with a therapist is not important to you
  • You are uncomfortable around people, but think you might be able to open up on the phone or in an online relationship with a caring therapist
  • You are in the military and want safe and confidential access to support with stresses and family issues
  • You and your spouse or partner want to work as a couple on your marriage or relationship, but you are currently located in different communities, states, or countries

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