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Ina Stockhausen, MTC

Ina Stockhausen R.P.C. offers spiritual counselling and body psychotherapy or somatic counseling in Burnaby and North Vancouver.

Ronna’s story: I stopped binging when I started saying No to others…

After the birth of our second daughter, it felt like my daily life was consumed by how much I weighed. I used to exercise a lot, so my “bad” eating habits didn’t really show up that much before. But with two little ones and a part-time job, there seemed to be a constant shortage of time.

As the stress got worse and I felt overwhelmed, I did what I always did – I ate. Sometimes a whole package of cookies would be gone and I wouldn’t even realize what had happened.

Then I’d feel guilty and try to eat less at meals or find the time to exercise. It seemed like I was either trying to diet and do everything right, or I was binging on junk food and feeling out of control.

By the time I met Ina, I felt pretty hopeless. During our work together, I realized that I tend to feel overly responsible for everybody’s well-being and I have a hard time saying No to people. I also discovered that I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem.

Under Ina’s guidance I learned to deal with my fear to be assertive. Today, I’m able to address the situations that can stress me out rather than reach for food.

Sometimes I can still slip into thinking I have to fix everything but my boundaries get better all the time. Paradoxically, now that I’ve stopped obsessing about food and my weight, I have dropped two dress sizes.

Learning to love myself is an ongoing process and I’m glad that I still have Ina’s support.


Tracy: When I found my courage, I realized it was never about needing more willpower…

I came to see Ina because I couldn’t get a handle on my relationship with food. I’m an accomplished professional and I got to where I am today because I worked hard and had excellent self-discipline.

The one place where I didn’t seem to have willpower was with food. I would be home alone at night and constantly go back and forth to the kitchen to get a snack, make myself dessert or have another treat. I wouldn’t be able to stop until I would feel really full. Being so full felt good in some weird way and at the same time I would be disgusted with myself.

Working with Ina helped me understand that underneath my feelings of frustration and shame, I was actually sad and afraid.

It was very helpful to have Ina’s support and encouragement while I explored the various needs I hadn’t allowed myself to feel while I studied and got my degree.

I’m now able to see that I don’t have to continue my family’s pattern of “all work and no play”. It is amazing to feel like I’m still a good person deserving of love when I’m having fun and doing something “frivolous” like taking singing lessons. With Ina’s guidance, I learned to silence the ever-present critical voices in my head.

Now, if I notice I’m making a third trip to the kitchen, I’m able to stop and figure out what it is that I really want in that moment. Best of all, today I give myself permission to do something about it.

Thanks Ina for helping me find the courage to claim my own identity.

Ronna stopped binging when she started saying No to others…

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Tracy realized it was never about needing more willpower…

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