a Deeper Intimate Connection
Enjoy Sex More Fully

Marriage sex counselling or sex counseling for couples North Vancouver and Burnaby to experience a deeper intimate connection and enjoy sex more fully.

Sex Therapy And Relationship Counselling in Burnaby

Do you long for a deeper intimate connection?
Are you experiencing difficulties during sex?
Sex counselling for couples can save your marriageSharing sexual intimacy has the potential to be one of the greatest sources of pleasure of our human existance. But if “the earth doesn’t shake under your feet”, having sex can easily become a place of disappoinment, shame or frustration.

For most couples or individuals, problems in the bedroom fall into two categories. You’re not experiencing the deep intimate connection you hope to share, or one partner is struggling with orgasm. 


Intimacy counselling saved our marriage

We decided to enter sex therapy with Ina because after 6 years of marriage, 2 children and 2 full time jobs, having sex had landed on the bottom of our “to do” list. If one of us was in the mood, the other one was too tired or wanted to do something else. Ina helped us uncover and resolve some specific issues that were impacting our sex drives. Previously we’d try and talk about our problems but we’d end up fighting. Today we’re thrilled because sex is a regular and exciting part of our life again. We’ve learned to talk about our needs and are able to satisfy each other differently.
E. and S., Burnaby


Sex Therapy in Burnaby and North Vancouver: Deepen Your Intimate Connection

North Vancouver Sex Therapist helps couples reconnect intimatelyIf you’re looking for help with orgasm challenges, some of these scenarios may be painfully familiar to you:
  • Your partner has made it his or her mission to bring you to orgasm
  • Sometimes you fake climaxing so you or your partner can stop feeling inadequate
  • You try to distract yourself mentally  to manage premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation has become a painful or frustrating problem
  • You’ve become an extraordinary lover to remove the focus from your orgasm
  • You’re tired of experiencing shame and frustration during sex

I have finally overcome premature ejaculation
While my wife never shamed me, I felt more and more guilty about my premature ejaculation problems. Our marriage was starting to suffer. Sex therapy with Ina was very effective. She taught us exercises which intially helped me to relax and finally helped me maintain an erection. We really appreciated Ina’s kindness and expertise as well as her way of making us feel totally comfortable.
B.L., North Vancouver

Sex Therapy For Married Couples In North Vancouver

If sex in general is no longer as satisfying as it used to be, you might relate to the following:
Sex and marriage counselling can help initiate sex together
  • You’re feeling rejected because your partner doesn’t want sex as often as you do
  • You don’t get as turned on as you used to
  • You’re trying to adjust to changes in your body caused by weight gain, aging or medical conditions
  • Your mind keeps wandering off during sex, you struggle staying present
  • You hesitate being affectionate because you fear that your partner will think you want to have sex
  • You would like more foreplay
  • You don’t share fantasies or desires, because you worry about your lover’s reaction

Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling in Burnaby and North Vancouver

I offer intimacy counselling and sex therapy for couples, women and men which integrates the body and mind. This particular approach is transformative in how you connect with your body and your lover, physically and emotionally.

During our work together, you will learn simple, yet effective techniques which will help you build, contain and release sexual energy differently.

As you change how you manage your arousal, you will be able to resolve frustrating issues such as premature or delayed ejaculation, as well as other orgasm challenges.

Changing and healing your relationship with your body creates positive love changes that are beneficial to you as an individual and as a couple.

Often seeking help for sexual difficulties can feel like a very vulnerable place. It takes courage to openly discuss intimacy issues. I honour your courage and invite you to connect with me for a no cost 20 min  phone consultation. Call me today at 778 558 8207 or email info@PositiveLoveChanges.com so we can discuss how I can help you create positive love changes in your life.

At Evolutions, PositiveLoveChanges, I welcome and am experienced in working with all types of couples and all sexual orientations. Contact me today at 778 558 8207 for any questions, concerns or a complimentary 20 minute relationship, sex therapy and marriage counselling consultation.

Intimacy counselling and Sex therapy counselling in North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.


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