Find a path
out of the Chaos of Addiction.

Find a path out of the chaos of addiction with addiction counselor in Burnaby.

Family Addiction Counselling Specialists in Burnaby and Vancouver

Are you at your wits end trying to deal with your loved one’s addictions?

Is Addiction tearing your family apart?

The surging, never-ending effect of addiction can be a very destructive force. You love the addict very much and you’ve tried your best to be supportive, get help and somehow stop what is happening in front of your eyes.

Now you’re feeling helpless, even powerless. 

You suddenly come to realize you love the rest of your family as well.  What about them?  What about you?

Haven’t you been held hostage long enough?

When you’ve been riding the Addiction roller coaster with your loved one, there comes a point where you feel like you’ve done all you can.

The actions of your loved one are deeply affecting you, your family and even friends and most likely impact  school or the workplace.

On top of it all you’ve felt all the guilt and shame you can take and by now feelings of anger and betrayal keep surfacing.

It’s time for change….

This is a special time and it calls for a Family Addiction Counselling Specialist!

By now, you each need new ways to prepare to live and deal in healthy ways while protecting the rest of your family from the actions and atmosphere of the addict in the home.

If you’re reading this, something has changed and something hasn’t. You haven’t stopped loving the Addict in your life but most likely you HAVE come to the realization that you need support for yourself and the rest of your family.


Tony sets boundaries with her drug addicted son and rebuilds her life.
I’m a single mom and have a very high-stress job. My adult son lived with me and had been successfully hiding a Percocet addiction. I didn’t find out until his sister started complaining about his abusive behaviour.

It’s a particular kind of anguish when you realize your child is in the grip of a desperate compulsion. I tried everything. Getting him to counsellors, into rehab, controlling his money, reasoning with him. He threatened to kill himself if I sent him to rehab one more time. I was getting sick emotionally having him at home, watching his every move, seeing his relapses. I was feeling so helpless and my guilt skyrocketed every time he blamed me for how he was feeling.

Finally my boss at work talked to me. On his advice I started looking for counselling and found Ina. In our work together I learned how to shift the focus from my son’s addiction back to my own life and my other responsibilities. Ina helped me see that it’s more than ok to take care of myself and my daughter.

Rather than preaching and lecturing or begging and making threats, I learned how to set and reinforce boundaries.

Ina’s valuable insights and encouragement helped me manage my guilt, especially when the voice in my head asks me what kind of mother am I not to help my sick child. Ina also had my daughter and I do some sessions together. Today the three of us are a better family. My daughter, my son  and I have a very different relationship. With Ina’s help I’ve learned to communicate more clearly and authentically.  I now know that my son is on his own journey and loving him doesn’t mean being responsible for him. Tony R.


Family Counselling and Addictions Counselling

It’s time to accept that you DO NOT have the  power to

  • cure the addict,
  • change the addict,
  • control the addict,

You DO have the power to

  • take care good care of yourself even if you don’t feel worthy of care
  • set boundaries that protect you and your family
  • prepare with new tools like learning how to say no when you mean no
  • take a deep breath and detach when you need to
  • move forward with your life and bring happiness and joy back into your days

Working with a trained addictions counselor and family therapist like myself who can assist you and your family in dealing with the overwhelming challenge loving someone with an addiction.

I offer you the tools, knowledge, inspiration and renewed courage along with ongoing support on the pathway to reclaim your life and the rest of your family.

You not only deserve to get your life back. In the interest of supporting your addicted loved one, you have to reclaim your own  life and responsibilities.

I can help you with this process and would be honored to accompany you on a healing journey.

Email   or call me today at 778 558 8207 to set up a FREE complimentary 20-minute  phone consultation.

I am a member of the Angel Community Support Network

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